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The results indicate that by combining the two isotope systems primary magmatic zircon domains can be distinguished from those formed during later metamorphic events, even if the distinct zircon domains underwent multiple Pb loss and the texture—age relationships, as obtained by cathodoluminescence images and U—Pb analyses, are ambiguous. Furthermore, the applied technique allows distinction of zircon grains formed in juvenile magmas from those generated by melting of older continental crust or affected by substantial crustal contamination. Isotope methods applied to Archaean magmatic rocks provide important information about the formation and evolution of the continental crust during the early Earth’s history. Such methods can provide answers to some of the most controversial questions; for instance, about the timing of Archaean to Proterozoic crust-forming events and the recycling of this crust during subsequent orogenic processes e. In detail, such investigations provide valuable information on the timing of magma generation and its source, such as a juvenile depleted mantle, a reworked older crust or a combination of both e. For such studies, the mineral zircon has been shown to be an ideal candidate, for the following reasons. Krogh, ; Compston et al. Patchett et al.

SHRIMP dating of titanite from metasyenites in the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt, South Africa

Many Precambrian granulite-facies metamorphic complexes contain so-called straight gneisses, which are massive rocks with a clearly pronounced blastomylonitic texture, lineation, and gneissosity. These rocks occur exclusively in high-temperature ductile shear zones, which can develop either during the primary exhumation of rock complexes or during the overprinting by high-temperature dynamometamorphism.

The main criterion for distinguishing between these two types of straight gneisses is the configuration of their P-T trajectories, which are recorded in the mineral assemblages in these rocks and their host gneisses.

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The P—T—t path of high-grade metamorphic rocks is significant for understanding vertical motions and heating of the crust. In general, garnet is used to constrain P—T paths and metamorphic zircon is used to obtain t for different metamorphic stages. However, this approach may be complicated by polyphase tectonothermal events. The Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt in South Africa is a complex Precambrian metamorphic terrane that has experienced three distinct high-grade metamorphic events at 3.

However, titanite and rutile U—Pb ages of the same sample record the M 3 event. Here we investigated garnet Sm—Nd isotopic systematics of four metapelite samples from the Evelyn enclave in the Bulai pluton. We constructed single mineral Sm—Nd isochrons for garnet using micro-samples, in order to avoid the risk of isotopic disequilibrium between different minerals or whole-rocks.

Metamorphic zircon with sillimanite inclusions has yielded a granulite-facies metamorphic age of ca. However, the Sm—Nd isotopic data for the garnet record much younger ages of ca. These ages are consistent with the M 3 event in this area, but were rarely identified in previous zircon dating studies.

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ABSTRACT Sequential reaction textures in Archaean garnet-corundum-​sapphirine granulites from the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt document a progression.

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Dating zone in polokwane

Jan D. Kramers, Hassina Mouri, The results of 50 years of geochronological work in the Limpopo Complex are reviewed. The data define three main age clusters.

indicates the Merensky Reef at the top of the Critical Zone. Flat-lying confirmed by recent zircon SHRIMP dating on samples from the mafic suite, the Loskop Formation rhyolites, the Limpopo belt, which may have been a longer-lived event.

Similarities of rock records from both these cratons , especially of the overlying late Archean sequences, suggest that they were once part of the Vaalbara supercontinent. To the south and west, the Kaapvaal Craton is flanked by Proterozoic orogens , and to the east by the Lebombo monocline that contains Jurassic igneous rocks associated with the break-up of Gondwana.

The Kaapvaal Craton formed and stabilised between 3. The craton is a mixture of early Archean 3. Subsequent evolution of the Kaapvaal Craton 3. This was then followed by episodic extension and rifting when the Gaborone—Kanye and Ventersdorp sequences were developed.

Kaapvaal Craton

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Near the provincial capital Polokwane, the Arend Dieperink Museum and fossil-​rich caves of Makapansgat explore history dating back to early hominids. HOME​.

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Polokwane dating zone

In the past few decades, a diverse array of research has emphasized the precocity of technically advanced and symbolic practices occurring during the southern African Middle Stone Age. However, uncertainties regarding the regional chrono-cultural framework constrain models and identification of the cultural and ecological mechanisms triggering the development of such early innovative behaviours.

Comparisons with other published lithic assemblages show technological differences between the Pietersburg from BRS and other southern African MIS5 traditions, especially those from the Western and Eastern Cape. We argue that, at least for part of MIS5, human populations in South Africa were regionally differentiated, a process that most likely impacted the way groups were territorially and socially organized.

10, and 15, cal BP, no secure dating has yet been published in the upper MSA deposits exhibit thin zones and crusts of phosphate.

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LA-ICP-MS zircon dating and texturally controlled in-situ of ultramafic rocks of komatiitic composition from the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt, South Africa.

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Here we report Sm-Nd isotope data from 26 individual garnet inclusions from 26 harzburgitic diamonds from Venetia, South Africa. Garnet inclusions and host diamonds comprise two compositional suites formed under markedly different conditions and define two isochrons, one Archaean 2. The Archaean diamond suite formed from relatively cool fluid-dominated metasomatism during rifting of the southern shelf of the Zimbabwe Craton.

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